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about us
Persian Gulf is no only a name of a place or geographic location , but also perpetuate the legacy of previous generations of the human world . Hence, man not belonging to particular ethnic heritage for all humanity .in the area of political, economic , commercial , social and legal contexts ties and regional integration will increase .. The council also agreed to the establishment of the Persian date Shahrivar 1391 it was announced . Deputy University in August 1392 with the chief decision was established in the Faculty of Law and Political Science . The goals of the center include :
  • Conduct basic and applied research in various areas of the region.
  • Studies and research on identifying and evaluating threats and opportunities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the southern provinces of the country
  • Policy proposals for regional applications derived from basic and applied research.
  • Investigation and analysis of the political, economic and security issues in the region Qalbayndh research area.
  • Communication and cooperation with similar education and research institutions at home and abroad concerning the duties of the Zmynhamvr.
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops related to the strategic research area.
  • Establishing information centers in the region south of the country.
  • Natural persons and legal contracts for research projects in the fields of Related to the mission of the Center.
  • Participate in research projects with other fields of research centers within and outside the country with the mission
  • Journal Publication - Research results reported in the strategic center.
  • Collection of documents and information, and special libraries to support the Center's mission.